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Our story

About NOLA Vieux Carre' Cattery

Vieux Carre’ cattery is a small, in home TICA registered cattery, located in Madisonville, Louisiana. (near New Orleans and Baton Rouge)

We raise all of our cats and kittens with lots of love and attention to ensure we maintain the Ragdoll’s amazing personality.

Our Ragdolls are not only beautiful, they have outstanding temperaments and all NOLA Ragdoll Breeders are DNA tested to be sure they all are negative for Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) and Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) genes.

We bought our first Ragdoll as a pet and fell in love with the breed! After a lot of research and learning more about the Ragdoll breed, I decided to start my own cattery.

My goal is to raise not only beautiful but healthy and well socialized kittens and cats, so more can experience the joy of owning a Ragdoll.

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Our Sullivan has been the most perfect addition to our family. He gets along with our cat, dog, and kids. Sandi socialized him so well that he never skipped a beat when coming to our home. He loves to ride in the car and visit with the teachers in the school carpool lines. Sandi is incredible to work with and has amazing cats and kittens. If we add another cat to the family we will not hesitate to go back to NOLA Ragdolls.
Erin K. Smith
Ragdoll Parent
Cannot recommend Sandi enough. We brought home our Blue Mink, Storm, a week ago and he has been everything you would expect from a Ragdoll. He loves my three kids (13, 9, 4), and is already playing with my two Schnauzers. He loves are rides and snuggles. Sandi was always available for questions and advice prior to bringing him home, and even let us see him multiple times before then. She is so dedicated to their good health and socialization to make sure they are the perfect Ragdoll babies!
Kristen Glass Faison
Ragdoll Parent
Sandi is the absolute best breeder ever. We just drove 3200 miles round trip to pick up “Molly” and bring her to her new home with us in New Hampshire. She is such a sweet little hug-muffin. Molly rode the 1600-plus miles back to New Hampshire with us and “Charlie”, one of her litter mates that we delivered to his new home nearby us. It was an easy ride and an easy transition to a new home, thanks to Sandi and her family’s dedication and commitment to socializing their kittens. They go everywhere in the car with her. She takes them shopping, to the park, and so on. If anyone is looking to adopt a lovable Ragdoll kitten, my wife and I can’t recommend Nolaragdolls high enough. It is NOT a kitty mill. The communication is amazing. Sandi ensures all her kittens have their checkups and are tested for hereditary conditions. They are loved and cuddled. She truly cares. And our Molly is so lovable for it. Thank you so much, Sandi.
Paul Sylvain
Ragdoll Parent
I just got my beautiful boy (Percy Palmer), and we couldn’t be happier! I have had two beautiful cats in the past, and it took them a good day to get used to their new environment... this experience was so different. Mrs Sandra really took the time every day to play with them and have them ready for a home especially with children... BEST EXPERIENCE EVER! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND
Sarah Palmer
Ragdoll Parent
HIGHLY recommend Nola Ragdolls! I spent over a year researching ragdoll breeders all over the south and north east and no one is as hands-on with her kittens as Sandi. My kitten, Charlie (short for Saint Charles) is in the best health, very social, and so beautiful. One of Charlie’s litter mates, Molly, was also going home to New Hampshire and her parents were kind enough to offer to drive our Charlie home with them. We bring Charlie in the car with us everywhere! He’s so playful but also a sweetheart who loves to be held and curls up in bed with us at the end of the day. Even after bringing Charlie home, Sandi has been available all hours to answer my questions and check in on him. We love our new addition to the family!
Rachel Elizabeth
Ragdoll Parent
There are so many great things that I could say about Nola Ragdolls! My husband and I brought our beautiful kitten home 2 days ago and it has been so much fun. We really wanted a cat with a strong pedigree and a calm and loving personality. Sandi really cares about all of the cats and truly takes the time to make sure they have all of the love and attention they deserve and that they are happy, healthy, and ready for a new home. The best part is that all of the cats are very socialized. The time and attention they put into socializing their animals, paired with the Ragdoll breeds naturally calm demeanor makes for a perfect pet. Now I just need to convince my husband to get a second one! Thanks NOLA Ragdoll’s! Our sweet “Blu” is an absolute joy and we are so blessed to have him as our fur baby!
Amber Sperry
Ragdoll Parent
Nola ragdolls is the place to contact if your in search of a sweet cuddly loving fur baby! Sandi did an amazing job raising and caring for our sweet “Saint Breezy”. He is the most adorable loving kitten!! So playful and energetic! He adores my two boys (7 &3) and loves cuddling and playing with them. Sandi definitely did her part in caring for these kittens and is always willing to answer any questions and concerns you may have! If you are looking for a new kitten to add to your family, this is the place to go! We love our Saint and we are so happy we found Sandi and Nola ragdolls When we were searching for our fur baby!!Thanks again Sandi!! You are amazing!! ❤️⚜️🐾
Ragdoll Parent
Sandy puts in so much time and effort to make her babies well rounded and expose them to all sorts of things. We love our Tiger Lily “Tilly” so much and we are beyond lucky to have found Nola Ragdolls and Sandy. Tilly is the sweetest soul, so well mannered but sassy. She will cuddle with anyone, is the BEST car rider and loves our other cat Gryffin. Sandy goes above and beyond for her babies and I highly recommend her!
Ashley Herman
Ragdoll Parent
Nola Ragdolls were such a pleasure to work with! Mrs. Sandi and her family were always informative, honest, kind, and responsive throughout the entire process. We had pictures and videos each week. We were able to go visit our kitten even before taking her home. They even walked with us through the pet store to make sure that we had everything we needed! I would higher recommend them anyone out there who's considering getting a ragdoll. They are the best.
Ben Givens
Ragdoll Parent
I was researching Ragdoll cats for a friend of mine whose daughter wanted one for Christmas. I came across NOla Ragdolls. I reached out to the breeder (Sandi) who immediately responded and answered every question I had and then some. I learned so much from her and continue to do so. Her love and passion for these beautiful cats is contagious and I soon fell in love with them! I am now a proud parent of one sweet, beautiful, lovable, & smart Ragdoll named Mambo! I my also is a proud owner too! Sandi is very knowledgeable about these cats and they come from a very clean and loving home. These cats are her babies for I have witnessed after many visits to her home just how much she loves them.
Ragdoll Parent
I picked up my kitten from Sandi on Black Friday. I am beyond thrilled with "Ace". I have had too many kittens/cats to count. Most all of the kitten's I have had would hide under the bed/couch for a week or so until they felt comfortable to be part of the family. They scratched and simply took some time to come around and "socialize". I just can't get over how Ace NEVER once has been skittish, noises and new faces don't phase him. He follows us around the house like a puppy, greets us at the door if he notices that we are just getting home. He made himself at home immediately. When we first got him home he literally went in every room of the house checking everything out! He is amazing and this is all a reflection of Sandi's dedication to raising these kitties to be the best they can be. Ace is my first Ragdoll, so I did a lot of research on the breed to familiarize myself. After spending the past week with him, he is a "poster kitten" for the Ragdoll breed. He is everything and then some. Thank you Sandi, we LOVE him. My father passed away 3 weeks ago and he has really been a bright spot in our life during a the worst time. He is sooooo entertaining. Again, Sandi your hard work is beyond noticeable! You rock at raising beautiful cats inside and out... 😻😻😻😻😻😻
Ragdoll Parent
I am so I love with my sweet Nola Ragdoll, Beignet. She is not only beautiful, she has the best personality. Nola Ragdoll breeder Sanda Doran was so professional to work with. We selected our babycat when she was only 6 wks old. Sandi sent pics and videos of of our girl regularly so we could watch her grow until she was old enough to come home. Beignet is the sweetest cat I have ever owned. I cannot praise or thank NOLA Ragdolls enough!!
Alicia Ritter
Ragdoll Parent
We just returned home with our new Ragdoll and are very pleased with our experience working with Nola Ragdolls and Sandi. Communication before and after the process has been great - it’s been awhile since we had a new kitten and had several pretty basic questions and she has been very quick to respond. Very detailed information and records provided on our new kitten and the whole process went very easy. They have a great set up for all the kittens to live before they go home with their new families. We would highly recommend.
Patrick Dierker
Ragdoll Parent
Sandi was amazing from my very first message to inquire about a kitten. We visited our kitten (Maisy May) with her brothers when she was about 6 weeks old and it was love at first meow! Sandi sent me pictures of Maisy all the way until we brought her home. Both times we visited NOLA Ragdolls we felt right at home. Sandi allowed us to interact with not only our kitten, but the other ones that were there. I continue to keep in touch with Sandi and send new pics of our sweet Maisy. (I want another one)
Shanna Burgoyne
Ragdoll Parent
We are LOVING our beautiful Ragdoll, Sauvi -short for Sauvignon Blanc. Sandi was so nice to work with and it was obvious the pride she has in her family of Cats. I would highly recommend investing in your feline with Nola Ragdolls!
Lauren Leger
Ragdoll Parent
I haven’t personally bought a kitten from this lovely woman but I had to review her as high as possible. I’m currently looking for a kitten and even though hers are not yet old enough for a home, she still messaged me back and forth helping me find another one and giving me great advice in the process. I truly appreciate all she has done and HIGHLY recommend her as a breeder and a very kind hearted person.
Shelby Tate
Ragdoll Parent